Donate to our Secret Santa Appeal

Forget the novelty gifts or handwritten cards. This Christmas put your cash to better use and bring a smile back into the life of a child with cancer like Katie-Mai.

Become a Barretstown Secret Santa, it’s #SmilesBetter.

Katie-Mai was diagnosed with cancer just before her 4th Christmas. Watch her story…

Everyone loves being a Secret Santa

Katie-Mai with her parents preparing to go into theatre for her first big procedure.

It’s fun to buy silly novelty gifts for friends and co-workers. But how many of those gifts end up forgotten in the back of a cupboard before the new year?

This Christmas why not put your Secret Santa budget to better use by donating it to Barretstown. Your money will help rebuild the lives of children affected by serious illnesses. Experiencing the magic of Barretstown is the best gift imaginable to a child like Katie-Mai who is living through the nightmare of cancer.

Not posting Christmas cards this year? Save the trees and the postage! Make a donation and download our e-card to share via email or on social media.  

It's #SmilesBetter

Ditching the silly Secret Santa gifts and donating to support Barretstown instead will bring a smile back into the life of a sick child. That’s definitely #SmilesBetter than spending your cash on novelty Christmas glasses!

How You Can Get Involved Today


Rather than buying a Secret Santa gift or posting Christmas cards, we’re asking you to make a donation to Barretstown instead to the value of what you would have spent this year on those silly novelty gifts we all love so much. It’s a #SmilesBetter idea!

We’ve got a great Donation Certificate for you to give to the lucky person! Or if you are donating in lieu of sending Christmas cards you can download our handy e-card to share instead. 

Remember that sharing is caring, once you’ve donated, we’ve made it super easy for you to share our campaign with your friends and family via email and on social media.  

Donate Now

Katie-Mai enjoying art in Barretstown, Spring 2016.


Instead of receiving Christmas gifts from your class this year, why not ask them to donate the money to the Barretstown Secret Santa Appeal instead. It’s #SmilesBetter! We’ve created a printable flyer for you to send home with your pupils that tells parents about the campaign and how to donate the amount they would have spent on a teacher gift to Barretstown. Get involved today by downloading our Secret Santa Appeal Toolkit below to access the flyer and other handy resources.


Why not do something different this year by dedicating your office Secret Santa ritual to Barretstown. It’s #SmilesBetter!

Instead of buying gifts, have everyone donate the money they would have spent. We’ve created a flyer for you to hand-out in the office that lets your colleagues how to participate.

Get involved today by downloading our Secret Santa Appeal Toolkit below to access the flyer and other useful resources.

Clubs, Teams & Groups

If you’re involved in a club, team or friendship group that’s doing Secret Santa this year, you could ask your members to be Barretstown Secret Santas instead. It’s #SmilesBetter!

We’ve created some resources for you to use to get the word out about your participation.

Get involved today by downloading our Secret Santa Appeal Toolkit below to access a flyer and other appeal resources.

Secret Santa Appeal Toolkit

Thank you for getting involved in our Secret Santa Appeal! Your fundraising efforts will bring the magic of Barretstown to children whose lives have been affected by serious illnesses like cancer.  Download our appeal toolkit below by providing your name and email address, we will then send you the toolkit via email. It includes printable flyers, a donation certificate, and some suggested posts to share on social media. 

If you want to make a donation in lieu of Christmas cards and receive our handy e-card to share via email or on social media, just go to the donation page and you can download it after you donate.

Thank you so much